Cold after food

I’m starting this many months into trying to improve my health via diet and nutrition. There’s lots I haven’t written about that’s already happened. But I need to start recording some of this…

I’m 2-3 weeks into an exclusion diet, based on IgG blood test results. It got off to a great start, possibly feeling more energetic, but since then I’ve been feeling very bloated and increasingly uncomfortable in the tummy area. And my digestion has slowed, I’ve been intermittently constipated. Probably my guts are missing the gorgeous milk kefir! Probably it was a mistake to start the diet and exclude it without having other probiotics in place (beyond sauerkraut).

Feeling down this morning, with an uncomfortable tummy, I decided I couldn’t wait for the carefully chosen probiotics and enzymes I’d ordered to arrive. So I dragged N to the shops. In my local parapharmacy I was able to acquire some reasonable stand-ins.




They enzymes one includes carrot powder and barley malt, which I should be avoiding, but I was feeling desperate!

So this lunchtime I took my first digestive enzyme supplement. Wow, my stomach feels normal through and after eating! I hadn’t been that aware of it feeling off until recently, but this sudden improvement makes me think I just hadn’t realised how off my digestion has been.

Feeling especially cold after this meal. Two tops, two pairs of socks, leggings + skirt and a blanket in 23°, and still feeling cold! So investigating that now.

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