13 months

The last month naps were very tricky to judge. Now at 13m old we have settled down into 4hr 30mins of wakefullness before both the first and second naps. This puts the second nap very late, but it doesn’t seem to affect bedtime at all.

We have just been on holiday, and there, with a lot of new things to take in, she was often falling asleep in the car (upright, forward facing car seat) at very odd times. After maybe only 2 or 3 hours sometimes. Sometimes she made her need to sleep noises and needed shh-ing. Generally it was much less traumatic for her than our last car journey nap experience a few months ago (approx 10m old I think).

Feeding to sleep for naps has begun to work again, whereas last month it was virtually impossible and we had to do all naps walking in the wrap. There are no teeth about to break so I think this is the underlying cause. We still have 5 teeth, the 6th appears to be waiting.

N likes to practice biting things with her teeth at the moment, and grinds them sometimes. She is still obsessed with wheels and other children’s buggies. Her legs are getting noticeably stronger and she requires much less support to pull up to standing. She has just become interested in climbing, eg stairs. At our friends’ house on holiday she was happily going up a flight of 2 steps very quickly, and signalling when she wanted to be lifted down them.

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