11 months

I stopped keeping the N log when viewings started our house. So here’s a status report.

Two naps daily, totalling 2hrs. If one is shorter or longer the other will compensate. First nap 3hrs after morning wake up.

2nd nap timing slightly variable. Often 3hrs, sometimes up to 4.5hrs, after nap 1 wake up. There has been much ear and head rubbing with teething pain so this accounts for some of the variability. It seems to make feeding to sleep difficult, so N’s preference for getting to sleep has shifted a bit more towards walking in the sling.

Also some of the mental leaps as described in the wonder weeks.

I have just read in the LLLI book Mothering your nursing toddler that many mothers report their 1 year olds BFing “as much as a newborn”. N has for a long time fed frequently anyway, but at 11m she suddenly found a new purposefulness, feeding long and hard when we’re away from distractions. (This has remained, although she had a noticeable growthspurt at the start of 11m too.) I am certain daytime feeds even in the quiet of home were short, brief affairs just a month previous, because I remember it coming up in conversation with the HV at the baby cafe after N’s 10m weighing.

At night we are on two wake ups, one for each breast. This suits me very well for avoiding engorgement. Going to bed around 8ish, for 7am wake up because we have a light come on in bedroom as a rudimentary baby readable clock.

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